I had the chance to market Kalahari.co.ke when they launched sometime last year. I sat with the team down and told them what I sincerely didn’t like about the website. I have been an online shopper since and my main shops has been Amazon, Ebay and Expansys. I loved the way the results and user interface came out in the three and that is why it was hard for me to stomach the much primitive system of Kalahari.

Today, Kalahari.Net is launching an improved UI. Through an email to subscribers, the Naspers subsidiary sent out the email lining out the changes including introduction of daily and weekly discounts pages. The problem is that I have not been able to access Kalahari Kenya and so I don’t know that the changes have also been applied to it.

Much improvements have been done to the website but I am yet to see what draws visitors to an e-commerce website, near real life experience. The search results are still not well displayed and so requires much straining to view and the search engine is not powerful enough to personalise my search and recommend what I might like the way I see it in Amazon.

What do you think of the new Kalahari.Net design?