Raila: Safaricom Must not be Afraid of Competition

An MP, Charles Kilonzo, asked the Kenyan PM a question in parliament. First things first. Safaricom was invited by the chair of the parliamentary committee on communications and broadcasting, Hon James Rege, as an operator to make a submission on what their take is on the current price wars. All operators were invited.

Safaricom made its submission and all other operators made their submission. Now the mainstream media picked that and the message sent out is like Safaricom was begging for favours from the MPs. No. First Safaricom was not begging for favours and secondly, Charles Kilonzo asked the question as a shareholder in the company and not as a committee member.

And the PM said “If Airtel can afford to bring their prices down, Safaricom can also afford it. The time has come for Safaricom to face competition,” the PM stated.

PM Raila Odinga is going to meet with all operators over the connectivity issues in the coming week. Hon Mungatana asked if the operator will sack staff and the PM responded, “They have been used to making billions and billions of shillings in profits for years because it pays its workers peanuts,” he stated.


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