Our sources intimate that Safaricom will soon unveil the much talked about Safaricom Innovation Board. Techies in the country have rumoured much about the last year’s innitiative. Some thought that the idea must have been abolished but my well placed sources tells me that the idea was taken much further and complaints from bloggers and techies were taken into account.

Key considerations being that many Kenyan techies still see the sector as too much colonised and Safaricom suffered a backlash when it called people who doesn’t have much touch with the average Kenyan techie to tell them how to implement the idea. The foreigners were also key in selection of the board. Safaricom thought that this should be one area where Kenyans should have much say and so the foreign domination was disallowed.

The new CEO also thought that the idea should be given much thought and not rushed as it was being done. Safaricom will in the next month or two unveil the board.