The New York Times reported and Wallstreet Journal also did report that Yahoo is developing a mobile platform for apps that would allow users to obtain content on a personalized level on their phones and other mobile devices. The platform is available on Yahoo’s website and is geared toward tablets and smartphones.

Yahoo Platform

The project was originally coined as “Deadeye,” and has been on the planning table for several months. NY Times reports, the “Yahoo platform aims to draw from a user’s declared preferences, search items, social media and other sources to find and highlight the most relevant content, according to the people familiar with the matter.”

Yahoo will team with outside publishers to create third-party apps. Yahoo has forever declined to comment on the report. In late January, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz told investors to stand by for a new wave of mobile apps designed to reach consumers “no matter what device or operating system they’re on.”

The big unveiling is rumored to be happening Feb. 14 through Feb. 17, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As of December 2010, Yahoo Mobile reaches 49 million unique mobile users / month.