Kenya ICT Board to Launch ‘Pasha’ Loans

Pasha Centres were suppose to be the internet access centres set up in all regions throughout Kenya. The projects was to be funded by donors and the government and the initiatives was to be run by the entreprenuers. It has had many setbacks but after much complaints and noise in various fora, the government is now determined to have the project running.

The Pasha Centres were to be in three categories depending on services offered and number of computers as envisioned by the applicants. The categories are Basic, Standard and Advanced and the services offered were to be as diverse as possible. Things like government info, CD/DVD burning,Mobile finance, ICT sales and training, IP Telephony, internet access, typing, printing, photocopying and many others.

The Ministry of Information and ICT Board is set to launch the Pasha Loan Call for Proposal tomorrow, 24th January, at Hotel Intercon. We hope that this time the government will get it right. The project has been tossed between KDN, Safaricom, ICT Board and Equity Bank many times that I have lost count.

Lets wait and see!


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