Safaricom has finally unveilled the much tauted Huawei IDEOS U8150. I first had an experience in the last Safaricom Open Day where the Huawei stand had the IDEOS U8150 and S7. There was abit of a problem in getting much of an experience from there but a few phone calls helped easen the situation.

The IDEOS U8150 was launched in September 2010 and boasts an Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS. It is a great phone with various cons like non support of flash. The phone also has plastic casing and that we understand was to keep the price down. Infact I think safaricom has done some bit of subsidising the phone since during the release in September 2010, Huawei projected retail price of almost 150 USD ( Ksh 12,000).

Safaricom is expected to maintain there high prices on data bundles and not give any real unlimited data bundle soon considering that they still have the technological advantage in the sector. Safaricom is also facing very stiff challenges in the sector with Airtel eating a very good part of their market in the recent price war.

The management at Safaricom are trying to put up brave face but going by the discussions in various mailing lists, the consumer is tired and ready for lowered charges.

Back to IDEO U8150, the phone boasts a 3.2 MP camera, No LED, 240×320 resolution. The phone might look clunky especially in the so common Android OS but the phone is a great move by the manufacturer and operators like Safaricom to bring the real smartphone technology to the masses.

  • But will it be SIM locked? Deal breaker! This phone is tempting, but this might be the year of cheap Android phones, so I’m also tempted to wait.

    One positive thing is that this phone has over other phones is a growing developer community; just search the forums at and you’ll see some customized ROMs already. Na 8,500 si mbaya! 🙂

    • android has a growing developer community, fastest growing infact but the ideos isnt their phone of choice. I am yet to see a forum with the ideos on xda-developers yet. So loading custom roms might come later, lucky it comes with stock android though..

  • RaYrAy

    finally!! cheap androids have come to kenya!! especially with the latest android eclair, v2.2. the next cheapest smartphone next to this costs 17500 shs, the samsung galaxy 5. overall, i think this is a bargain at less than 10k!

  • TheOnlineKenyan

    Ideos is a brilliant phone and Google android is on its way to good things.

    • Klumidi

      hi friend ,icant share music/videos via bluetoth with my ideos

  • gizwizzy

    Whoever wrote that^^ is probably being paid to dick around. The Huawei IDEOS does support flash…i mean Android OS features all that!

  • I actually completely agree with your opinion. It’s so perfect. I think it’s necessary for me. Thank for help!

  • Taariq

    does the phone cum with the covers

  • Bodhiambo

    I bought a ideos black phone on 03/08/2011, from Mombasa moi avenue offices, transacion number 618637, aacount 000030110482, with an agreement that i shall get a pink cover the folowing week.
    Visits to the offices have beared no fruit as i’am told the pink covers are not available.
    The owner of the phone had insisted on a pink phone and has refused to accept the black one.
    Kindly assist to get a pink cover.

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