According to an article in Daily Nation, PS Ndemo is quoted as saying he fears that the new price wars will derail the new constitution. This is laughable. Everybody blames the new constitution on everything including making their donkey refuse to fart regularly. And the fact that PS Ndemo has apparently instructed CCK to intervene is some kind of very dangerous idea. Lets wake up and not be taken back by people bent on seeing the citizens exploited.

Who is playing Safaricom and Orange’s propagandist? Just because the government is a shareholder in Safaricom and Orange does not mean that we should be exploited. The kind of competition which Artel is introducing in the sector is what was suppose to be there even before anything.

What Dr Ndemo has done best and continue to do best is act as if he cares but the truth is that he might not care that much. Do you remember when we used to complain of the lack of mechanism to check on over-charging of conssumers? Dr Ndemo threatened that the government might just intervene to force the telecos to lower the prices.

Now Dr Ndemo says that the price wars are “unnecessary headache” . Dr Ndemo says that the pricing might not make business sense. I dont know where the good PS get this idea but the players are businessmen and what makes business sense to Safaricom might not make business sense to another operator, say Orange. So shut up about making business sense.

Dr Ndemo is apparently talking on behalf of KRA and the government revenue machinery. I dont care about that because the government must not impoverish the citizens just because they want to collect taxes. Communication is almost a basic need now. It is something which every living person should have for various reasons.

So Dr Ndemo, please give us some valid reasons. Dont play the propagandist of robbers and kupes. Our blood has been sucked for a long time.