I have been following with interest the story and technology behind DSTV’s mobile dongle called Drifta. The device is a DVB-H receiver which is smaller than your average smartphone and comes with 9 channels though it can support 15. It currently retails only in South Africa but will soon be available to other countries.

I have called MultiChoice Kenya office a few times and even the PR and Communications manager doesn’t have much of a clue what this device really is. There is a disconnect here.

The device is revolutionary though we have been having the DVB-H recievers in the form of those phones which have been getting the DSTV mobile. The thing is that the phones are limited to viewing the TV through the phone. With the Drifta, you can get your DSTV on iPad and PCs running Windows.

Currently, the device is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and PCs including notebooks. soon. The free DSTV Mobile is coming to an end on 31st March and DSTV might transfer the offer to existing DSTV paid subscribers who might be given a free one year access of the same through their Drifta or Mobile phone capable of getting the DVB-H signals.

DSTV Kenya might be waiting for the expiry of the current free DSTV Mobile offer.