Kenyans are very interesting. Do you really hate cops this way. A video which was shot by some guy, or is it a journo, in Nairobi has gone viral. The video is of a cop and lorry (truck) driver fighting. The cop seems to have been trying to arrest the lorry driver. The lorry driver was using every weapon available to him to resist arrest.

He fought the cop with kicks, blows and stones and the public was enjoying it. I have had two big fight with cops. But the fights I have had is when cops try to use unorthodox means to arrest me. One happened just 3 months ago and the 6 cops had to call in re-inforcements of Flying Squad unit to arrest me. I was seriously beaten but I gave them my mind and they apologised and demanded that I pay Ksh 3,000 the next day.

There is a problem when we try to disobey law enforcers. I think that we must still maintain respect for them. Watch the video above. The video has now close to 9,000 views on Youtube.