Samsung Showcases Sliding PC 7 Series

Samsung Electronics is rolling the gloves for fierce competition in the mobile PCs with the introduction of Sliding PC 7 Series. The machine is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 (OS) and powered by the much rumoured ‘Oak Trail”  or Intel Atom processor . The machine is something like a Mule. Something between a Tablet and a Netbook. It is said to maximise the benefits of a tablet PC with its compact, light, and easy to go design.  The display slides up and out to reveal a physical keyboard much like that of a typical notebook. However, the user has the ability to use the intuitive touch display, keyboard and mouse interface as well.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series features a 10.1-inch multi-touch LCD display that supports HD resolution (1366×768) and outdoor visibility (340 nit). With its slim design and light weight, the Sliding PC 7 Series allows for mobility without compromising functionality.

For those who prefer physical keyboards for writing reports or browsing the Web, the Sliding PC 7 Series features a full, 80/81-key keyboard sleekly tucked away under the display. At the user’s convenience, the keyboard slides completely out, creating a laptop-like interface that is coupled with the touch capabilities featured on the display. The device provides the best of both worlds with an immersive touch experience and a true keyboard for maximum productivity.

With the benefits of both an immersive touch screen and sliding keyboard, users can enjoy consuming and creating content wherever they are. The Sliding PC 7 Series is the perfect size for watching or editing video online, uploading and viewing images, reading the news or quickly writing emails.

Everyone from students to mobile workers can enjoy the convenience of Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 Series. The screen size is great for immersive activities like watching movies or social networking. In the business environment, the Sliding PC 7 Series is just the right size for a sales associate giving a presentation to a client, a construction worker viewing blueprints, or a medical professional searching for information on a patient. The device is ideal for students in an education setting because of its handy, portable nature, and focus on content.

What’s Inside?

Equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and the Intel Atom processor, the Sliding PC 7 Series provides a familiar environment and comfort to users while enhancing their overall experience. The Sliding PC 7 Series supports a range of connection channels and I/O ports, including wireless modules, USB/HDMI out via dongle, and microSD card slots.

The Sliding PC 7 Series is powered by Samsung’s solid state drive (SSD), allowing it to boot quickly so users can access content in seconds. The drive enables extended battery life so users can enjoy life on-the-go for up to up to eight hours between charges. The SSD also fully supports multi-tasking, in both keyboard and touch screen modes.

Application Ecosystem

The Sliding PC 7 Series comes with several pre-loaded applications that are optimized for the touch screen display. This includes Samsung’s applications for music, video, photos, note taking, weather, clock, compass and many more. In addition, Microsoft Bing Maps provides powerful tools that help people get more out of search, including the intuitive Bing voice search, which enables users to type with their voice to find what they’re looking for. More robust touch applications will be available via the Samsung App Manager and Windows Product Scout.

The Sliding PC 7 Series acts as a connective hub with other devices to improve the entertainment experience, thanks to Samsung’s device-to-device connection solutions. Samsung AllShare™ enables users to control, search, swap and play videos, photos, and music across a full range of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified Samsung devices, ranging from cameras and smart phones to TVs and PCs.

Also pre-installed is Microsoft Office Starter 2010, which consists of basic versions of Word and Excel with the option to upgrade to a full suite at any time.

Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 Series will also be available with Windows 7 Professional for enterprise consumers including colleges, hospitals and sales forces.Two models of the Sliding PC 7 Series featuring SSD memory of 32GB or 64GB will be available in select markets starting in March 2011.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), from January 6-9 In Las Vegas. Please visit Samsung booth 12006 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center

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