The South Korean and world are rejoicing over the Galaxy S smartphone reaching the 10 Million sold out handsets mark. For a start, I don’t give much of a damn about android. It is reactionary and not innovative. It’s UI is much worse than Chinese NQKIA’s interface. The whole hullabaloo doesn’t sell according to my script. Someone please stop Android. It is mediocrity taking over the world.

Android-powered Galaxy S Smartphones launched in June 2010. Seven months later, the whole world is rejoicing. I have seen cooked figures and this might just be one of them. Samsung please prove me wrong. How did you make it to 10 Million handsets? How did it happen.
JK Shin, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, said “The Galaxy S is the result of our 22 year heritage in the mobile industry. It is the realization of our concept of ‘the Smart Life’ – we wanted to makes users’ lives more convenient, more exciting, and more integrated. Today’s milestone shows that we have succeeded: 10 million Galaxy S users around the world are living the Smart Life.” Euphoria has been created to correct a wrong. The wrong is the diminishing returns from Samsung Galaxy. The figures of 1.4 Million handsets per month can be possible but I would have seen most of my buddies having the phone.
How many handsets were sold in Africa? 4 Million handsets were sold in North America, 2.5 in Europe and 2.0 Million handsets sold in South Korea. That means that Asia, Africa and other areas might have just bought only 1.5 Million of the handsets. Why? What made the handset sell so much in North America. Give me figures Samsung. Am data hungry.
Introduced by JK Shin at CTIA Las Vegas in March 2010, the Android-powered Galaxy S incorporates a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1 GHz application processor that enables vibrant HD videos, rich augmented reality content through Layar Reality Browser, and advanced LBS (Location Based Services).
Supporting Samsung’s drive to create unique mobile experiences, the company initiated a number of innovative global content initiatives and consumer engagement program. Samsung partnered with NBC Universal Digital Studio to produce the scripted comedy “FCU: Fact Checker’s Unit”. Airing in the US from August 2010 on broadband, mobile and video-on-demand, the series highlighted the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S and marked the first time a digital series had been distributed globally at launch. The eight specially produced episodes are said to have been viewed by over 4.5milllion viewers and FCU listed as one of the top 3 web series’ to watch in 2010 by Ad Age.
Working directly with Galaxy S users, Samsung also collaborated with multi-platform content company, Current Media to foster the creation of user-generated commercials. Customers from around the world were engaged to submit their own-made videos, demonstrating how the Galaxy S enabled them to live a Smart Life. Selected winning videos were promoted on the Current Media website and Samsung mobile fan page.
UPDATE: Galaxy sales Last year, in Africa 16,379 units worth  $9.677M.  Low sales result compared to Global sales attributed to shortage of Super Amoled.