I have just been alerted to a post by @MosesKemibaro who is one of Kenyan bloggers. He did a post on Kenyan Facebook users reaching 1 Million, which could have been great, only that the source of his stats has very many inconsistencies. Kenyan Facebook users might be more than a million, YES. This is because many Kenyans who are living outside the country and also some in Kenya who try to be funny and list their countries like Cambodia and Bhutan just to have fun, might not have been listed as in Kenya.

Tehn again what about those Kenyans who have more than 1 account in the social network? The real stats you will get from Facebook itself. The best way to get Facebook stats is to try and create an advert in facebook. You will then get many options of which areas, age group and countries you want to target. I did check on current stats for East Africa and this is what I got. The figures change in realtime due to users editing their data.

  1. Kenya  950,000,
  2. Uganda 235,000,
  3. Tanzania 197,000,
  4. Rwanda 64,180,
  5. Burundi 8,860

Total EAC Facebook Users = 1,455,040

The post by @MosesKemibaro relied on this stats by Social Bakers. The only problem is that Social Bakers got it all wrong. The top Kenyan brand in facebook is Easy FM with over 170,000 users. Orange, K24, KBC, Strathmore University, and Yu Kenya doesnt even come close to being the top brands in Kenya on Facebook. I think that Nation Media Group arms like Easy FM , NTV (Over 160,000) and Daily Nation(Over 113,000) all occupy very much the top spots.

The stats also ignore Churchill Live (or Churchill the Brand with more than 70,000 in many accounts), Capital FM, (Over 89,000), Kubamba TV (over 12,000), XYV (Over 87,665).

Facebook has a link also for their own stats.

You can poke many holes in the statistics and that is how I stopped trusting all the stats I get and decided to get my own.

What do you think?

  • jamalo

    An interesting twist to this story and yes i agree, Kenyan FB users are more than 1 million. You see, one of our problems is that many of our “authoritative ” bloggers are copy-paste guys. Some clever guy invented RSS feeds so i can get all the info i need rather than read a copy paste blogger. A real blogger should like you say “decide to get my own”. What your post does is challenge the reader which i think is very good, there is so much misinformation in the Kenyan tech space. Just read the popular blogs, attend a session at iHub, attend the launch of an “innovative ” service like Rupu et al and you will be surprised at how misinformation and twisted facts are out there.

  • Robert

    I think this is a stupid shallow article written by a senile wanker. A quick business lesson: “top brands are identified by the quality and tonality of their conversations online, not just by numbers.” It is dick sucking bloggers like Robert Alai, paid by certain firms to mud-sling other firms, that distort statistics and edit comments in a bid to get noticed.

    • Owicho

      Robert Ouko, you should try and be mature than insult others. We always know you going by the name Geeking for long. Maturity should tell you that insulting others wont take you anywhere. I think the best thing was you give what you see as not right but when you talk of “D*** sucking” then that is a hard thing to know unless you have been sucking his or you are involved in the “d*** sucking” business