Wikileaks nowo has supporters who have created a very good search engine to look up the various cables. I have tested the engine using keywords like Nairobi, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Kibaki and Tanzania. The results are very impressive. When you click on a result, it will not take you to a website. It will pull up the whole cable.

Wikileaks supporters have also announced through their new Twitter handle @Op_Payback TARGET: WWW.AMAZON.COM LOCKED ON!!! . Twitter has been closing down the variout hacktivists accounts but they seem not to be getting tired of creating new ones.

Amazon discontinued Wikileaks cloud hosting account for violating its TOS. The irony is that a Kindle version of the Wikileaks Cables are available through Amazon. Check them under teh title ; “WikiLeaks documents expose US foreign policy conspiracies. All cables with tags from 1- 5000.”

ImG; Techcrunch