Google Zeitgeist 2010: My African Career, Esther Arunga, Sortilegio and Makmende Ruled

It is that time of the year again where Google has their yearly list, Google Zeitgeist. Interesting trending in the list. We see the obvious ones like Makmende, Daily Nation, Shakira, IIEC, and World Cup. But the suprise entries like My African Career, Mari Mar and Sortilegio and others also came up.

For the region, only Kenya has the list released.

Google say in the post. “Kenyans this year showed strong interest in social networking sites and virtual realities, with “2go” topping the fastest rising list, and local superhero “Makmende” coming in second. Meanwhile, the “Commonwealth Games” topped Kenya’s fastest rising sports search, unsurprising given Kenya’s long history of excelling in athletics and this year bringing in 32 medals.”

Fastes Rising Searches

  1. 2go
  2. makmende
  3. sortilegio
  4. esther arunga
  5. world cup 2010
  6. my african career
  7. iiec
  8. daily nation epaper
  9. opera mini
  10. shakira

Fastest Rising People;

  1. justin bieber
  2. nicki minaj
  3. esther arunga
  4. wayne rooney
  5. emmy kosgei
  6. christina shusho
  7. trey songz
  8. van vicker
  9. ini edo
  10. benny hinn

Fastest Rising in Travel;

  1. masai lodge
  2. simba lodge
  3. ethiopian airlines
  4. jamaica
  5. nakuru national park
  6. sopa lodges
  7. virgin atlantic kenya
  8. air arabia
  9. fairmont
  10. car hire kenya

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