ICT Board of Kenya and the ministry, Ministry of Information and Communications are set to launch a innovative experiment in getting 15,667 university students through a program christened Wezesha. Wezesha seems to be a very philanthrophic word since Care Tanzania has been using it in reducing infant mortality, enhancing girl-child education and improving access to financial services. ICT Board is using it more to enhance access to ICT services.

The program will provide Kenyan students with Ksh 9,000 ($120) towards acquiring a new laptop. The money will reduce the cost of a new laptop with about 15% – 33%. The incentive is fixed. The laptops will be of varied specs.

The Process is highlighted here

I just hope that the program wont be abused by the ICT Board or by the students. When ICT Board CEO, Paul Kukubo, came for the Strathmore ICT conference of 2008. One demand I made was that the power of a student with a laptop is just enormous. I insisted on the same in the KICTANET list.

The conditions for benefiting from the Wezesha program are;

  • You must be a student with a Valid University ID Card.
  • You must register on Wezesha portal and be approved by your University coordinator as a student.
  • You must have the top up amount which is Voucher Amount (Ksh 9,000) minus the cost of the laptop.
  • The voucher will only be valid for 14 days.

Suppliers of the laptopss are Fones Direct / Orange Kenya, Safaricom, PC World for Airtel, Wincomp services and Ravenzo trading.

You can call the following numbers for help;

  • Safaricom; 0728 688576/ 689 337/ 689 333/ 689 265
  • Yu; 0750 546773 / 546 995
  • Orange; 0772 025 104/ 0770 298173
  • Airtel ; 0734 066 133/ 065 864

The official launch of the program [email protected] KICC Courtyard on 3rd December (Today) 15:00.

Image: Wezesha