Citizen TV has bowed to regional and political interests not to air an episode of XYZ Show which from the look of things, is ruffling feathers. The Video starts with a session in parliament with absent members of parliaments and ministers not responding to questions. The sad part of all this circus is that the President is laughing at all the unfolding events while carrying his Golf club.

The show is a satire of the daily happenings in the country and is not exclusive to political happenings. Blockage of the episode shows how much influence politicians have in the daily delivery from media houses.

Through their twitter account, XYZ Show, said they were shocked that their Monday show was not aired. They rallied Facebook fans and Tweeps to send complaints to @citizenTVkenya for not airing the episode. You can now view the full episode which Citizen refused to air HERE.

The whoel unaired episode really ruffled feathers. Or what do you think?

  • Isn’t it the same thing that happened to Redykyulass. Politicians are threatened by the information that is shared on this shows. Just as the US is threatened by the information shared by the Wikileaks website. None of it is actually classified information but it shows the back dealings that these politicians do knowing the harm they can do. Julian Assange is no different from the creators of the XYZ show..they just use a different delivery channel. We all knew it was just a matter of time before they were forced to shut down just like they forced Redykyulass at the height of their careers. So much for supporting creativity