Nokia has this case with the two former students of Nairobi University. The two young men have sued Nokia accusing it of unauthorised exploitation of their innovation for commercial gain. The case has been fully mentioned and now the case goes into hearing on 17th January 2011.

The two young men are now complaining of intimidations from court and legal officials handling the case. They are under alot of pressure to stop pursuing what they believe that is rightfully theirs.

Nokia apparently expressed an interest to settle the matter out of court but when the Nokia official in charge of Regional Communications has upped her game of bribery with suspicion that she is using court officials to stagnate the case. Success of this very important IP theft case will set precedence that no IP thieves will have not much hope of succeeding in their deceitful ways.

Nokia complained that the former students made a mistake by going to the media and the courts before approaching Nokia to settle the matter out of court. Now that’s a lame argument by Nokia which when you look well goes like; Nokia is a thief, it steals your maize then when you seek legal redress, the thief (Nokia) complains that why did you go to the police?

Nokia might or might not have international rights over the invention but locally, the students were the first to put their application forward. Nokia has been battling similar cases with Apple in American courts. Government-owned South Korean telecommunications research firm, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) sued Nokia early this year on CDMA patents violations. Apple sued Nokia in December 2009 in US and in September 2010.

Nokia will continue playing many tricks with the case by giving bloggers and journalists gifts to get favourable press but it will be hard for Nokia to escape responsibility on this.

What do you think of Nokia’s actions?

  • Simba Wst

    We must support the Intellectual Property Rights of Young Kenyans & as Buyers put pressure on Nokia to stop harrasing these young Kenyans of a developing Nation or Nokia would be loosing market due to the Negative publicity here for unethical behaviour.

  • Baharini

    This does nothing but bolster Nokia’s contention. Instead of publicizing that Nokia has violated rights and that it is bribing court of officials, you should be more specific. The reader is not just the students but people with brains whose support you are seeking. So if you are going to tell them something, tell them something believable – do not shout thief and then cover for the thief by not telling people what he stole. You can get a lot of support by not hopping around as if you are walking on egg shells. Exactly what did Nokia do? Who was bribed and how do you know?

    • Mike

      Is this someone working for Nokia? It looks like it is