Globetrack International (GTI) is a local company specialising in media monitoring company. It was established mid this year.

The company has now launched a dedicated social media monitoring system that covers East Africa’s 150,000,000 blogs, 25,000 user forums/message boards & review sites, 95 percent of video content and more than 450 video sites, 25,000 online mainstream media, Forums, Micromedia, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

With brands embracing social media in the region, monitoring is a welcome initiative. The company is headed by Esther Kiagiri and she laments that there are many companies in the region which still blocks employees from accessing Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace and others. 

For any brand to engage in social media the first rule is to listen where and what conversations are taking place about you then draw up strategies. Social media is a forum where people, express their genuine views about issues related to their lives. It is also one of the most effective customer service channels for any brand.