I have a watery mouth and all just because of the TV offerings which are in the market. I have seen the cool 3D TVs from Sony and LG as well as some from Samsung which I think might not be attractive to me since you dont need the glasses to help you in 3D viewing. The coolest TV sets are the HD and 3D but HD is still the must have with 3D selling at abnormal rates.

I say abnormal because I cant but a TV set for 400k unless it has everything in it which no TV has. But for the joy of the eye, I will still stick to my 42″ HD TV.

The HD TVs cant be good without content. Otherwise you will have something which wont serve the purpose. With HD TV I like the FTA dish and decoder. I lived most of my early working life in Tanzania and DRC and I must confess that I learnt alot in TV viewing from these people. In rural Tanzania, it is very hard to get ITV, Star TV or TVT which are the main TV stations in the country.

So what you had to do was to look for a FTA Dish and decoder like this one. Look for a fundi to hook you up and with that depending on whether you take the 8′ , 10′ or 12′ dish, you might get upto 300 free channels including some funny ones like Pentagon TV and the like.

The problem with the Free-to-Air or FTA is that you might not get some premium content which everybody would die for. You wont get History, Discovery, Animal Planet and the Nat Geos. You will also not get the various live entertainment channels. And thats why you needed and still need DSTV.

What I really admire about the Multichoice (DSTV) is that they try to stay ahead of technology. These guys have been operating digital TV for the last decade or so. We are just dreaming of it now. First we used to have just close to 30 channels, then 50 something channels, then 62 channels and now with more than 75 quality channels, you cant just feel bored with this system.

Today, Multichoice Kenya (local operators of DSTV) have launched two products; Dish on TV and DSTV on Demand. DSTV on Demand is the feature which will be available on your standard definition PVR decoder and allows you to watch programs which you missed. Like if you like the Patricia Show on DSTV, you can watch a the last edition of the programme upto  one week later.

Dish on TV is the feature on the decoder which now allows you to have the DISH magazine, which is the DSTV subscribers magazine, on your TV 24/7. The only catch is that unlike the DISH magazine, this feature will only give you a synopsis of programs for up-to eight days ahead. This is because if the synopsis are stored for lets-say a month, then alot of memory might be required in the decoder.