Orange seems to have things going on well for them on the data field now that CCK has sent out an invite to us to go and witness the handing over of 3G spectrum license to the company.

Orange has been marketing their data products aggressively of late. They just don’t aggressively improve their customer care which is just whack. You will not get your case sorted in time and when they promise to call you, dont expect them to call. It will just be a promise.

Orange already has a EVDO data service avalaible at differents bundled. EVDO (Evolution Data Only/Evolution Data Optimized) is a CDMA based 3G mobile broadband technology that provides typical download speeds of 600-1400kbps (with bursts up to 3100kbps). HSPA (Safaricom’s 3G) has maximum data speeds of 700-1700kbps Download and 500-1200kbps upload

So the only thing which makes Orange to take the 3G License is just for the data hungry handsets like the iPhone which they have been selling but many of their clients have been unlocking the phones because Orange just cant provide the data speeds which the users of iPhones would want.

iPhones are on GSM only unless Apple brings the much rumoured Verizon iPhones and have Orange sell them locally.