There is this Niko Na Safaricom campaign which Safaricom reportedly spent over Ksh 60 Million to make and alot more to run. Safaricom has praised the advert as something which was done from scratch and it being an “original composition”. That is not coming out as the truth since in 2009, Qantas Air (Australian national carrier) ran a similar advert called The spirit of Australia.

Copy Paste

The campaigns looks similar in every bit and it is very hard for Safaricom to convince anyone that their is an original concept. If at all Safaricom copy pasted, then this is going to be one of the most expensive copy pasting campaign ever.

Qantas the Spirit of Australia – TV Ad 2009

Niko na Safaricom – 2010

What do you think?

  • kirk

    hahahahahah eeeeh ok this is a scum that should be investigated….

    • Sonkomwasi

      hahahahahahahah…… pls investigation its a must, plo lumumba

      • Vinn

        Niko hapa nasiendi popote..:)

  • A.Kamunyi

    No way friends!The Safaricom Advert is not only better , it hits as an original! The Qantas advert ni shadow! I know we are all good in finding fault, but learn to also give credit where it’s due. I know no one personally in Safaricom, and I have no shares in Safaricom, and I know no one who earned from this advert but come on, the advert is GOOD! Niko na SAFARICOM!!

    • Guest

      Wonderful ad that makes me happy about my country. Terrible service. Maybe they could also make a good ad on responsible drinking.

  • sad kenyan creative

    Actually, the ‘Australia is always home’ campaigns have been running in OZ for Quantas since 1999. It has been shot severally, and featured different choirs and scenes – all with the same strong patriotic tear-jerking emotional result. Sad really, but this is defn. the most expensive ‘photo-copy’ in history. Ever. Lovely ads – great people, wonderful song and music, and breath-taking scenery – but a copy, is a copy, is a copy! Let’s respect intellectual property – and support local creatives, and not patronize Kenyans. Lets create stuff for ourselves, not nick it. Shame on Safcom. Shame on their agency. Sad day for all Kenyan creatives…

    • Sexual Choklate

      sounds like your company wasnt given the contract to make the advert…dont hate…ive compared the two and honestly thouse little kids have nothing on that choir …and our sexy scenery

      plus “good artists borrow…great artists STEAL!!”—Pablo picasso

  • Jnmurimi

    Collymore should step aside. There is nothing original here. I am surprised at how he has started his term. Some of the comments he has made in the media recently create the image of a unstable guy, the one about price wars portray him as a slave driver, we are now enjoying the best calling rates ever, while we are happy he’s sad.

  • Kempes

    Mahaters ni wengi 🙂

  • Mungairic

    Interesting how we never see anything good about our nation. What is saw is beautiful landscapes and a beautiful lovely country, what most people saw was the copy pasting. Funny how ‘Kenyan’s’ always see the ‘negatives’ and I want to be politically correct but common. Save it

  • Carole

    Its definitely too similar to be a coincidence. But it was still bright of safaricom to borrow this concept. Its the best advert promoting Kenya tourism so far

  • Jusifer3000

    Hm, not the first time this has happened is it! Safaricom did the same thing with those “comedy sketches” with the green characters. the concept ripped from a NZ phone company. Maybe when the agency responsible for this lands Kenya Airways as a client they can copy the irresistible Air NZ safety Ad….
    We have great talent in Kenya, shame it aint utilized properly.

  • “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” You have to build on something, and they handily beat the original, IMO (come on, school kids running around caves?). Steve Jobs on this: Beautifully done, Salama.

  • Credits:
    Creative Agency: Red Sky
    Creative Director: Justin Connolly
    Associate Creative Director: Jerry Nyagah
    Co-Producers: Quite Bright Films Kenya (QBF) & RSA
    Producer: Amber Larre (QBF)
    Director: Adrian Moat (RSA)
    DP: Frazer Taggart
    1st AD: Dan Prior (QBF)
    Composer: Gabriel Omondi – Gabo Productions Kenya
    Location Sound: Alex Coutts (QBF)
    Production Manager: Evans Gathoga (QBF) / James Smith (RSA)

  • Voice.or.Reason

    While you guys are wasting your time discussing a copy-paste, Safaricom is busy making profits. I am pretty sure that if ZAIN, YU or ORANGE had made the sam ad, no one wuold have bothered scrutinizing it. BIG COMPANY. DOING BIG THINGS IN KENYA. Hats off Safaricom…

  • Kanja

    I heard there was a department charged with marketing Kenya as a brand. Well, they have been doing nothing….this advert shud have been used to brand kenya. Give credit where due, atleast even if the copy pasted, they did it in style, the scenery in the video is Kenyan NOT australian, the people in the video are Kenyans NOT australian, they sing in swahili as opposed to English. Since when did you her that Toyota had the patents to a car? BMW also makessimilar metal contraptions rolling on 4 rubbers. So guys wake up and drop that Kenyanism spirit of finding fault in everything and a low self esteeem. Pata Safaricom na muache panganga!!!

  • Pauline

    I don’t see the similarity really…its only the start that has some similarity…all in all its a wonderful advert that was worth every penny spent on it.

  • Nyiaruu

    The concepts are the same, the tune almost the same, one must have copied (or borrowed) alot from the other. With technological advancement ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY are endangered species.

  • Bt

    Safaricom ad iko mbele tu sana. Hats off!

  • The Safaricom advert is much better than the Qantas one even though the ideas resemble quite a bit. However, originality is not what makes an advert better but creativity does so stop hating and appreciate when a good job has been done by Kenyans instead of always trying to put down anything that is Kenyan. Infact, Brand Kenya should borrow a leaf from Safcom……Bravo Safaricom!

  • Someone

    Safaricom did well. Give it to them!
    The Chinese have developed in the similar way but Safaricom have recreated Qantas advert in a different way. Looks very good!
    Thumbs up 🙂

  • Schizophrenic

    the asshole that wrote this stupid article should have his head examined. You fucker, you must be so fucking dumb not to notice the fucking difference, eat a big fat dick fucking scumbag douche

  • John

    I think none copied from the other cause the targets intention is the same”the public” but the product totally different with the same settings so I think it could be a coincidence.
    even in Kenya some of the scenes do not exist so whatever the case should we call KACC?

  • Muryamike

    The Quantas Ad was done in 1999 not 2009