According to my sources, Nokia N8 is going to be on sale in Nairobi from this Friday. Though the Nokia teams loves to hate Techmtaa because we dont take their nonesense lying down nor do we rely on licking sehemu nyeti for stories. We  must be fair to everyone.

Nokia is going and has always beaten Apple in this market because of the dynamics. I was just chatting with some of Orange Kenya (local vendors for Apple’s iPhone 4) top brass and they tell me that they have sold less than 500 iPhone 4 handsets.

The major drawback to iPhone 4 is the lousy contract which ties you for one year at Orange while the network operator has the most backward network ever. Running on EDGE and the phone is so data hungry.

That is where Nokia steps in. If N8 will be launched in partnership with a network, which I doubt, the network might not lock the handset and so switching to be best might not be a problem.

iPhone 4 goes for sale for 30,499 for 16GB and 39,999 for 32GB. Nokia N8 will be debuting in the market for just Ksh 35,000. That is a major plus since  the phone has better features and consumers have been avoiding Nokia much because of the pricing. At 35k, the maker is opening up the quality smartphone market for a very wide audience.

The major drawback to Nokia’s N8 is the apps market and also the OS. The OS limits you alot in terms of how much you can share and also doubts are that symbian has not positioned itself that it is an OS for the future. It is an OS for the short term.

An interesting perspective is that the backstreet sellers of unlocked iPhone are making a kill selling the 16GB for as much as Ksh 85,000 with the 32GB going for more than Ksh 100,000 . Talking to Hital who does the sale in Westlands suburb of Nairobi, he says that people likess the factory unlocked more than the locally unlocked though the former costs almost 20% more.