Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has activated 4 X 64 STM 64  (39,000 Mbps) on the KPLC fiber optic network on the Nairobi-Mombasa power transmission line. This was done at an annual cost of Kshs 194 Million to KDN.

KDN received an acceptance certificate from its contractor Alcatel Lucent who activated the fiber optic cable from Mombasa and Nairobi. This allows KDN to give customers diverse routes through the KPLC’s fiber cable. KDN’s customers are now assured of round-the-clock connectivity and security against vandalism on the Nairobi to Mombasa route.

Vincent Wang’ombe, KDN Chief Marketing Officer, said:  “This connection gives our customers peace of mind to carry on with their business with the knowledge that the KDN network to Mombasa is now protected.”

“Cable theft interrupts business operations, and increases maintenance costs of the cable lines. KPLC over-power line cables will thus reduce the losses that KDN’s customers incur every month due to vandalism.” Wang’ombe added.

The savings that KDN will enjoy from the diversified data route from the reduction of issuance of credit notes due to downtime will be passed on the consumers. The reduction in prices for KDN customers will be about 40%.

Suveer Ramhbini of Seacom Limited said “Seacom is glad that KDN is now offering a backup route to Mombasa on the over head lines for KPLC. This will greatly improve the uptime of the international capacity for not only KDN and Kenya, but also for the East African region. We are happy with our partnership with KDN as they are able to meet our needs and are responsive to our requirements”.