In May 2009 The EastAfrican reported that MTN had acquired 60% of UUNET Kenya. In the same year Standard reported that MTN was eying the then Econet Kenya and now Essar Kenya. Nothing much came from the news with no denial nor confirmation. The former seems to be true now that UUNET is now branding as MTN Business Kenya.

It will be interesting to know what was in the deal but MTN must have acquired quite a big chunk of the data giant.Already the MTN Business Kenya website is on (

MTN might be going for the throat of Safaricom in the market and so the data forte might not be safe for the Kenyan dominant player. Zain (Bharti Airtel) is giving it sleepless nights on voice and mass market products with the outgoing CEO bragging that data will be a field Safaricom will dominate for a little longer. The domination might be coming to an end soon if MTN really take the market seriously and invest in it.

As the sleeves rolls and blood is shed, the real beneficiary might just be me as the consumer. Please fight on

  • Lot

    MTN Business does not have a track record of investing or growing its market share as yet as it is a fairly new acquisition by MTN to focus on the data segment. Only time will tell if this is anything other than a marketing gimmick.

  • PostMan

    I would wish that the entry of such an important player in the data market relieves us consumers from exorbitant data prices of the likes of Safaricom.
    An could you please clarify to me which networks in our country ride on 3G. Some claimed they do but are on the record having been licensed for such just the other day!

    • Live

      The action will come from the broadband players and its interesting that a local company is acquiring all the players that have WiMAX licenses and spectrum. That should give a clue as to where the competition will come from