You all know the famous Google Adsense product. It is turning to be one of the tools Google is actually misusing to steal from Publishers. Google is using the “Terms and Conditions” statement to illegally close accounts which have accrued thousands of dollars. A case in point is the complaint below which I just received from one of my friends.

I have been using Google Adsense as my main source of revenue for my blogs which we earning more than 1,000 per month. Google recently closed my account without any valid reason. I believe that it is wrong for Google to close an Adsense account without giving a reason for the closure. Why don’t Google tell me what I did wrong.

I mean, why don’t Google read for me my charges? But Google insist that they can close an account for “any reason”. Can Google close my Adsense account because I am tall, black, Kenyan? Can They close my account because I eat meat? Please Google, don’t turn Adsense into a fraud because you deny me money for a service I already offered. That is fraud. You are stealing from publishers.

While searching online, I came to realise that the complaint is not actually isolated. There are tons of complaints from publishers who thinks that Google is using its might to kill the spirit of Tech enterprenuers or Publishers. But the crazy part of Google Terms and Conditions which they never honour reads.

“12.4 If this Agreement is terminated, Google shall pay any outstanding balance due to You within approximately ninety (90) days after the end of the calendar month in which the Agreement is terminated. In no event, however, shall Google make payments for any earned balance less than €10. Google may retain any balance less than €10 in consideration for its administration expenses.”

When Google VP was in Strathmore for the G-Kenya summit, we contacted him with similar complaints but no action seems to be coming with never ending promise of action. We dont refuse that Google should or can close accounts engaging in illegal activities, but can Google please inform the Publishers when they close the accounts?

Aaron Greenspan who is a blogger with Huffingtonpost sued Google and won. His complaints were the same. Google appealed the case, produced evidence of illegal activities and showed cause why they should not be compelled to pay Aaron Greenspan his demands. But Aaron won here because he pushed Google to produce evidence and also give reason of closure of the account.

Google bothered to appeal in a case where Aaron was only claiming $761. Google owes me close to $2,300 in closed account and I believe that Google steals from Publishers like this to boost its books. There is just no reason why Google should be able to close an account without giving reasons.

What do you think?

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