Kenyan Colleges to Benefit from Cheap Video Solutions

A local Tech company has teamed up with an Indian firm to provide affordable video conferencing facilities to Kenya’s institutions of higher learning.
The partnership between Information Convergence Technologies Ltd (ICT) and VMukti, an on-line video streaming solutions provider from India will enable institutions of higher learning rollout easy, faster and secure video streaming solutions for lectures, conferences, and seminars with capacity to reach over 50,000 participants in a single session.

VMukti has assembled the technological tools to promote interactive learning and educate each and every student, on bandwidth as low as 150kbps. VMukti connects learners and educators to a single platform allowing continuous interaction and feedback.

“The beauty of this solution lies in its simplicity and Affordability, unlike the other video conferencing solutions in the market. With the VMukti solution, institutions will drastically cut down on costs incurred in traveling and putting up lecture rooms’ infrastructure,” said Mr Symon Ndirangu, the Chief Executive of Information Convergence Technologies.
Mr Ndirangu says VMukti solution has been successfully used in many Indian institutions and is many times cheaper than the current solutions in the market place.
Local learning institutions can expand now and reach and train more students faster. He added that a virtual classroom eliminates travel and venue costs. They can cover more counties and towns and can thus grow revenues without high capital investments. Gifted lecturers can reach out to all the students across campuses in Kenya and all over the world.
Students attending classes or in long distance learning can be offered this facility to view repeat lectures at home; increasing thereby the efficiency and effectiveness of Classes. This can generate a lot of Goodwill and help in sustaining and growing the number of students for times to come.
VMukti has redefined the role technology can and will play in education industry. Through the use of computers and the Internet, communication & knowledge sharing between the best and the learners has and will greatly improve. VMukti’s concept of “Making world really small by connecting bridges has been a boon to the education sector & mankind at large

Written by Robert

Robert Alai is a respected Kenyan blogger, technical evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle or Facebook page. he is the founder of KahawaTungu.

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