When Orange Kenya announced the launch of iPhone 4 yesterday, for a moment I thought of what impact it will have in the smartphone market in Kenya and also how it will affect the performance of Nokia N8 expected to launch locally on 20th October. All factors constant, Nokia N8 is going to beat iPhone 4 hands down in the battle for the market.

I say this because first, Orange Kenya marketing team rushed to announce the availability of the iPhone in the market just after receiving the shippment. They were so much anxious to get the news out that they didn’t know that the backlash might be catastrophic. Now every potential client is calling the announcement a bluff because Nokia doesn’t have the price and is not even sure how much it will sell the phone.

I talked to Delia Seif who is incharge of Nokia EMEA Communications. he quips that N8 is targeted at a totally different segment of the smartphone market and her tone was “Nokia is not scared”.  I agree that the two phones will serve different audience of the market and considering the over-pricing of the iPhone, it might not sell much just like the 3Gs and 3G sisters.

As long as Orange will continue to fumble with their marketing, they will remain the fourth among the four

What do you think of the two phones? Any competition here?

  • Hillkim

    The Nokia N8 doesnt even come close to the iPhone in design, functionality and class. You are comparing a Lamborghini to a vitz. Makes one doubt your credibility as a reviewer.

  • meegouser

    Nokia N8 is so far ahead of the iPhone4 it’s laughable. The Nokia N8 has HDMI-out to connect the phone to your HDTV. The iPhone does not have this. The Nokia N8 has the best camera on any phone on the planet with a 12MP Carl Zeiss lens with a powerful Xenon flash and has been proven to be the best in several tests. The iPhone has a 5MP with a cheapo LED flash.

    Nokia N8 allows you to connect a USB flash drive or a full hard drive via USB OTG so you can move files to and from the phone without using a computer. The iPhone is a slave a computer and iTunes.

    The N8 has Nokia free GPS navigation that uses no mobile data while the iPhone doesn’t.

    I can go on but it will get depressing for iPhone owners LOL.

  • Kenyaone

    Ok. lets get the real facts right. The 1ghz processor on the iphone is faster and better than the 680mhz arm on the nokia. But is that why nokia stuck with it. Couldnt nokia have also fished a 1ghz processor and showhorned it into the N8. Of course. But they had another logic running. The N8 also has (which the iphone does not) a broadcom GPU (graphics processor) whicj handles the heavy stuff photography, movies gaming etc, so in terms of actual performance the nokia still remains ahead with a dedicated gpu. Secondly the lower speed uses less battery power. so single charge lasts longer. Common sense really. Its not about big numbers. Its about performance. So the iphone has 512 RAM. Super cools. Nokia has only 256, but whats this…something else, yes Nokia has 512 ROM as well. which means more programmes running together, faster boot and shutdown…..Truth is the N8 is simply streets ahead. From the HDMI, to camera to quality of playback video and music, better built and cheaper USB on the go too. Its a no contest. The nokia is a phone, the iphone is a gadget….