Twitter is proving to be a pain in the ass with all these bugs. I just discovered that Twitter is showing that I have not followers nor those following me. The funny part is that I follow no one but my timeline is full of all these tweets

What is happening @Twitter?


Twitter is reporting that DMs, Followers and Followings are down

Twitter seems to have rectified the problem

  • Anonymous

    Me too. Same thing happened in May due to Twitter maintenance. Twitter seems to have a major problem figuring out how to manage its own technology. Not sure how much patience we will have if this continues.

  • Tweeter

    Same here. Logged in this morning: All followers and following gone, but the data is still there since my timeline is full from all of my followers.

  • Did something happen to Twitter this weekend too? Is (a variation of) this bug back? The number of followers of our corporate account is half of what it was before the weekend. Not sure why… 🙁