Orange is upping the game and war in the telecomms sector in Kenya. It is offering its customers data rates lower than you have ever thought of. The average data rates have been around Ksh 7 per MB but now Orange has gone down to Ksh 1. Yaani one bob per MB. Thats a milestone.
Mobile Internet
The intergrated services provider says thats the new mobile internet tariff targets the increasing number of people who are using their mobile phones to access the internet.

CEO of Orange Mr Ghossein added, “Orange has used its unique advantage in the data market to effect the price changes, to ensure that our esteemed customers continue using the services affordably. We believe the mobile web is one of the key areas of growth in the mobile telephony industry.”

To subscribe to the new EDGE/GPRS rates, customers are required to send a blank SMS to 1234 from their mobile handsets.

Customers who may opt to continue with the previous pay-as-you-go internet access charges will still be able to do so for Sh. 7 per MB.

Just last week Orange slashed by half, the cost of internet bundles for customer’s using its Internet Everywhere broadband wireless modems. The company also has the most attractive unlimited wireless internet access weekly bundle that goes for Sh. 999 for 7 days.

Orange has also announced that it will be introducing 3G services on the GSM platform before the end of the year. ALready the CDMA clients have almost 3G quality speeds .