According to a report from Tanzania’s Guardian on Sunday, Silicon Valley VCs led by Paul Bragiel who is a partner with I/O Ventures, a business incubator and angel investment fund, met on August 18 with President Kikwete and top government officials in Dar es Salaam to discuss plans to set up an ICT incubator, which is expected to be operational by November.

Bragiel was joined by Tanzanian entrepreneurs Mbwana Alliywho is  a Stanford MBA and former Microsoft employee and is currently living in Silicon Valley. He is also establishing a website for booking accommodations and tours in the East African region, He was also accompanied by  Natalino Mwenda, the founder and managing director of Raspak Advertising and creator of the search portal

Paul Bragiel is the co-founder of Lefora, a product which claims to bring forums into the 21st century. Previously he co-founded Meetro, the first location based social network and was the founder of Paragon Five, a game development studio specializing in console and mobile with offices in Chicago and Krakow, Poland.

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    Hey Robert, i was eager to read about what the ICT mentorship was about but you only talked about the guys involved. Care to expound on that?