Kenya Data Networks (KDN) and PCCW Global, a premier telecommunications provider based in Hong Kong. have signed a Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Inter-Carrier Interconnection agreement to extend services to more than 110 countries worldwide.

The new technology is faster, compared to the traditional routed networks, which process the information at every router throughout the network.

KDN Chief Executive Officer, Rikus Matthyser said that the new technology will speed up the process of sending data through the Multi-Protocol Label Switching, a data packet forwarding technology with improved forwarding speed of routers by using labels to make data forwarding decisions faster.

“When the data enters the first MPLS router, header analysis is done just once and a label is attached to the data packet. Subsequent routers forward the packet by just inspecting the label and so it decreases the forwarding overhead on the subsequent core routers,” said Matthyser.

KDN, Kenya’s full service data communications carrier and PCCW Global are interconnected using the TEAMS and Seacom cable systems via multiple STM4 connections, with Inter-Carrier Interconnection located in Singapore and London.

PCCW Global Chief Executive Officer, Marc Halbfinger says: “KDN is our Pan-Africa ICT infrastructure partner of choice. We are confident our cooperation with KDN will strengthen our service coverage as we continue to satisfy the increasing demands for seamless international connectivity and high quality integrated global communications solutions worldwide.”

Through this partnership that leverages on KDN’s regional strength, KDN is now able to offer both Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 MPLS-based VPN services, utilizing both the PCCW Global’s network infrastructures.

“In our bid to offer our customers a one-stop-shop for regional and international services, we are happy to partner with PCCW. We are certain that our partnership will provide Kenya and the whole of the East Africa region an invaluable connection to the rest of the world,” adds Matthyser

KDN is Kenya’s largest and fastest growing private data carrier and infrastructure provider in the eastern and Central African region. KDN operates a combination of microwave radio and fibre optical links, over which it provides Layer 2 carrier services (Ethernet, Frame Relay) to corporate customers.

KDN also houses and maintains a number of international Internet gateways, which it sells to corporate customers such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs).