In a move that is like to NOT excite the local market, Kenya’s leading telecoms operator Safaricom has today unveiled a new tariff promotion that will see its subscribers call from as much as Sh2 per minute compared to Ksh 1 from the competition.

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The Sh2 a minute charge is twice as expensive as that which was introduced by Zain in the Kenyan market recently.

Under the new scheme called Masaa Tariff, customers will be able to make calls within the network at between Sh2-4, depending on the value of their last top-up. Calls to other operators will cost Sh3-5.

Subscribers who buy airtime worth Sh100, Sh250, Sh500 or Sh1,000 will be able to make on-net calls at Sh2 a minute, while the off-net rate for these airtime values will be Sh3. On the other hand, airtime worth Sh5 or Sh10 will attract a discounted flat rate of Sh5 both for calls terminating within and outside the Safaricom network. Subscribers who buy airtime worth Sh50 will now pay Sh3 a minute for both on and off-net calls while for the Sh20 denomination, the on-net rate is Sh4, while calls outside the network will cost Sh5 per minute.

Per second billing applies on the Masaa Tariff, which takes effect starting August 24 to September 23 and is primarily targeted at the firm’s Prepay subscribers.

CEO, Michael Joseph has promised all Safaricom subscribers a “bagful of pricing and promotional incentives” going forward it seeks to consolidate its leadership in the Kenyan market, while continuously delighting its growing subscriber base.

UPDATE: Safaricom has issued a press release to put the postpaid clients into the Masaa Tariff promotion. The release reads as below in part;

“Our PostPay customers are a huge reason for our success. We thank them for their custom and considerable spending on our network. We promise to remain responsive to their needs and promise them a number of incentives, going forward”

Orange also is set to unveil its new tariff tomorrow. The invite reads;

“The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mickael Ghossein will lead the management tomorrow morning in hosting a breakfast media briefing at the Telkom Plaza offices to share news about the lowest calling rates in the local telecommunications industry.

  • Guest

    @Techmtaa, a first to find your article off-base.
    The cheapest call rates in the market are Safaricom’s at 2.00/= Zain and YU are charging 1.00/=
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  • Guest

    @Techmtaa, a first to find your article off-base.
    The cheapest call rates in the market are Safaricom’s at 2.00/= Zain and YU are not charging 1.00/= but 3.00/= per minute for calls.
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  • Rasugualan

    If i buy airtime worth 20/= in the zain network, i get to call @ 3/= per minute, if i do that on safaricom i call @4/=.

    Why should i stick with safaricom. will be loading bamba 5 every 3 months so as not to loose my line. meanwhile divert all your safcom call to zain.

    wakwende kabisa

  • The proverb has changed with the times because the bulls are fighting and the grass is rejoicing.

  • remember guys this is an offer ending on the 23rd this month, let’s ensure safaom doesnot catc us napping.