Gloves are off and the mobile operators seem to be so determined to end the Safaricom dominance. Orange initiated this by pulling one of the biggest coup in the market. Orange managed to convince the biggest distributor of the dominant player to join its network of distributors. Zain is following suit by now openly attacking Safaricom with the line “Going Green is not always the Better Option”.

Green is Safaricom’s colour and “The Better Option” is Safaricom tagline. I dont know what is waking the operators but the market is now at the disadvantage of the consumer. Zain has launched a cross network call rate of Ksh 3 and intra-network rate of Ksh 1. That is game now.

It would be interesting to hear what Safaricom is saying but for now the consumer must be ROFL……….

Zain new tarriff is permanent and not an offer. If you have noticed, there is a major presence of Zain sales ladies on the street lately and they are equiped with phones where they can automatically register the subscribers as per the rules of CCK. I met some along Langata road yesterday and today I have seen many in BuruBuru and Jogoo Road.