Windows Stream Blog is reporting that Windows 7 has had 150 Million copies sold todate. Now, that is around 7 licenses per second sold since the day of the launch. Windows 7 crossed the 100 Million licenses mark two months ago.

You remember that Microsoft announced the sale of 90 Million copies in March and in April, updated the number to 100 Million. Now Microsoft is selling 25 Million Licenses of the OS monthly. Microsoft can still pull the numbers even in this era when PC is not cool anymore. The company targets 300 Million copies of the OS by end of 2010.

On Wednesday, Microsoft just announced a third Platform Preview release of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser. And on Thursday, Microsoft is expected to make available a public beta version of its next Windows Live Essentials suite, which provides greatly enhanced versions of key Windows 7 (and Vista) applications like Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Messenger, and more.