Microsoft has announced the availability of Office 2010 suite, designed for businesses and consumers to share ideas and information across the PC, mobile phone and Web browser.

The Microsoft Office 2010 suite includes the popular productivity applications Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010.

According to Robert Alela of Comztek East Africa ltd, the local distributor, the product was shipped in on June 15th 2010 and is currently undergoing customs clearance. He says it will hit the retail stores in Kenya on Monday next week.

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  • Wanjugutess

    Whats new in Microsoft 2010 and how different is it from, say, Windows XP?

  • Me

    Win XP is an OS while Office 2010 is an application package. Anyway Office 2010 has more features and enjoyable to work with than Office 2007