CCK has accepted the demands of the three mobile phone operators, Yu, Zaina and Orange and has reduced the 3G spectrum fees to 10 Million Dollars. This news is bringing problems with Safaricom CEO issuing statements from UK where he is on official duties. Michael Joseph wants a refund of the difference between what the dominant player paid and what the other players are going to pay.

I find this funny because we would also like to demand that Safaricom refunds to the Kenyan government the money they have made from the 3G services.

This will tell us what we really owe Safaricom as consumers. The acts of Safaricom are what pisses us off. The player is simply sick to determine the prices which the regulator charges.

Those are the anti-competition mechanisms which made us support the CCK regulations. CCK has not announced the reduction but is going to issue a press statement by 11th June. The CCK board has approved the reduction.