Zain is finally going 3G if the story from Reuters is true. Apparently Rene Meza has been talking and talking good. Zain is saying that CCK has finally agreed to cut the licensing fees despite the strong opposition from Safaricom.

Now I would bet that Rene Meza is just talking because he started talking of 3G sometimes early last year. He has been testing the 3G network forever. There was a time when Zain Data was having the highest subscribers. The problem is that Safaricom used their market share to bar them from getting the 3G license. That is the form of dictatorship which we hope will go away the moment CCK steps in to regulate the dominant player.

Safaricom is going 4G and Zain is just stepping into 3G. Yu is still on GPRS and Orange is fumbling with lots of baggage of omena, shit and kadhalika. What is they just straightened their 3G +(plus) or Minus and EVDO and offered us something which has clear advantages. Not somethign which works for 3 hours and the other time it is between working and not working.

I might as well start my own data network at this rate.