I was formerly a Panasonic person. I believed that SONY products were overpriced and really not for me. More so when I owned the Panasonic series like SC-VK950D and the VK960 but not anymore.

SONY Kenya is actually making me like their products more and more. I bought the GTR8 recently but I feel like selling it after seeing the new LBT-ZUX999 model which is a show stopper. Talking to Salim of ANISUM, the local SONY distributor, I hear the system is actually under priced with more than Ksh 40,000 as it is supposed to be selling for Ksh 125,000 but is actually priced at Ksh 85,000 at the outlet.

It boasts of the following specs;

  • Cross Fader for mixing across all sources manually or automatically
  • Dual USB
  • DJ Record Function
  • X-Maximiser
  • X-Trance (you know the beat blend) /X-Round Advanced (4 sound effects)
  • 3 CD Changer with MP3 Playback

I just love this machine and wish that someone will get to refund me my money from my GTR8 and I get this machine before the end of World Cup.

What is your take on SONY products?