By Yvette Randa

PHILIPS has introduced new energy efficient LED lighting solutions
to create more livable cities by enhancing urban wellbeing.

Philips will help the municipal authorities create more
livable urban environments by applying new, future-proof LED lighting solutions
to enhance city living through improved pedestrian and road safety, as well as
significantly greater energy efficiency.

However, with the municipalities increasingly recognizing
the value of replacing outdoor lighting with newer technologies, Philips’
latest LED outdoor lightning solutions provide city leaders with innovative
platforms to deliver high quality white light in urban environment.

Speaking during the summit the General Manager Philips
Lightning Egypt and Eastern Africa Tamer Abolghar said Philips LED solution for
street and roads can save up to 70 percent of the energy consumed by existing
outdoor lighting.

“To accelerate access to benefits of LED lighting evolution,
Philips has developed LEDGINE, a uniquely and upgradeable platform for outdoor
luminaries to maintain pace with progressive improvements in LED modules and
drivers,” he said.

Abolghar said the LEDGINE is easily serviceable, enabling
municipalities to upgrade luminaries’ onsite switching older lighting
technologies to LED with ease, thus maximizing energy savings and lowering
maintenance cost of 60,000 hours.

“To ensure LEDGINE-based outdoor luminaries deliver the
optimum environmental payback throughout the lifetime, Philips will also
introduce the LED Green Service Program,” said he.

He added that as LED technology evolves, the initiatives
provides a commitment by Philips to ensure all of the municipality’s LEDGINE
luminaries have their LED modules upgraded at the right time and potentially
creating additional energy savings of up to 45 percent.