Now the researchers have been telling us how the web advertising and trust is gaining so much ground and also just howthe good old TV still remains the choice of many in entertainment and information.The web is mostly viewed in small screen and the TV has the infrastructure but not choice and ease which is available in the web.

Google expects to explore both the web and Tv by giving us what is called Google TV. Sony, Logitech and Dish Tv have partnered with Google to make the TV meet the web and vice versa. Google says “video should be viewed on the biggest, brightest screen in the home”.

The TV Menu is replaced by the “quick search box”. So if you search “Papa Shirandula”, you will get results, go to the most relevant and watch and record the program. You will get also related programs and suggested alternatives. If you search for your favourite series like “24”, Google TV will show you the available Seasons and Episodes plus where you cant watch them and also buy them from. You will though not get a chance to buy them from iTunes in Google TV.

Google Tv allows for picture-in-picture. That is you can watch TV while also searching some info in the web. You will also get an optimised version of Youtube, Youtube Lean Back

Hardware specifications will include:  built on Android 2.1, will use Chrome as the browser, Flash 10.1 is included, WiFi and ethernet built in, HDMI connection and a strong processor, a special protocol between DishTV and Google TV, surround sound and HD everything.