Orange Kenya is not happy with the way things in the Telecoms market in Kenya. The integrated solutions provider is not happy at the way Communications Commission of Kenya which is the market regulator is handling the market. The CEO, Michale Ghossein, is accusing CCK of ineptness, laxity and inability to act and even out the market.

Policy not taken care of. – Orange says that the policy in the market is just for the books and is not applied practically in the market.

  • benweya

    I was thinking bout this today. I think safaricom had quite an edge getting on the scene first. But they just maintained their lead. Plus think about it, you cant blame them for trying to hold on to that lead..

  • Ben, great comment there the thing is that in essence when a player gains more than 70% of the market, then you cannot allow them to have free hand. You must introduce strict rules to allow the market not to have a monopoly