It is the battle for the hearts of the youth and nobody is tops now in the battle for the soul like Kubamba Crew. They have set up a Ustream Channel and the feed is coming out right except for a few technical problems which they will come to overcome with time. They had the K-Krew channel which I dont know why they stopped using before setting up the current Rauka Channel.

They have also set up a Facebook Group which has grown to close to 10,000 members within one month.

After snatching the program from the sleepy NTV, Citizen Tv seems to be doing all the right thing with this program and Rauka is broadcasting the sermon live from Mavuno Church throughout Kenya, Uganda and now online.  Local bandwidth might not allow them to have many local neties join them online but it will catch on with Kenyans in USA, Europe and Asia where bandwidth cost is cheaper.

It is interesting to watch how this will unfold. Hope Fm tried to go online but I dont know what happened.