Google pulled it on us. It is April 1st and Google just announced in this blog post that it is changing its name to Topeka. It went ahead and explained that it changed it’s name because of the name changing act by Topeka City in USA to win the Google broadband.

In Kenya, Nation carried out the story of Al-Shaabab attacking Kenya, Standard carried the story of Obama agreeing to visit Kenya while Nairobi Star carried the story of  Finger of God and Mungiki joining hands to win the leadership of Kenya.

Citizen TV reported that a cargo train derailed in Kibera.

Yahoo carried the piece of planned outage of Yahoo Groups which was not a prank but many group admins thought it was a a Prank and so Yahoo had to issue another clarifgication that it was not a prank.

My friend and forumnite who goes by the name of Papa Likondi (Likondi means a “Sheep” in Luhyia) pulled one on us, in Mlalahoi Forum, in the forum claiming that Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) was sold to Kamlesh Pattni who is best known in Kenya as the person who is at the centre of any questonable acquisition and fraud in Kenya.

TV was not having much activities or I missed them but it was so funny to even see such pranks in Facebook. In twitter, there is the trending Zombie Reports which is being spread like a virus.

What was your prank?