Early this week, Ndung’u Wainaina the ICPC Executive Director claimed how the offices of his organisation was broken into, computers stolen and so they have lost important and incriminating evidence against post-elections violence perpetrators.

I have not come to understand how this happened. But simple questions through email sent to Ndung’u Wainaina made him inform me that in fact he is suing me for asking those questions.

Let me repeat the questions;

  1. Didnt the organization do any back-ups of the very important data? Backup does not mean that you do electronic only. You can even make many copies and store them in different locations physically?
  2. I this day and age someone is still using padlocks and keys to secure an office. Did ICPC know of the other entry security systems?
  3. Did ICPC have any data on TJRC and PEV or as claimed or the attack was stage managed so that they can validate a loss and call for more funding?

What really happened? And why is it that those questions can provoke a threat of lawsuit from ICPC while they accuse and ask more grave questions everyday?