In a blog post today, YouTube announced that it is now able to show ads in Mobile version of the video sharing website. The increased usage of high-end smartphones like the Nexus One,  iPhone, Nokia and Android is making mobile advertising easier and more effective for advertisers.

YouTube is launching ads on the home, search and browse pages of its American and Japanese mobile websites ( This is a way for which advertisers expect to reach YouTube viewers across multiple platforms. At launch YouTube will immediately provide one of the largest audiences for a mobile ad campaign anywhere on the mobile web.

And because YouTube mobile attracts early adopters, the site expect to deliver to advertisers a coveted demographic of tech savvy trendsetters. It’s already seen some early campaigns run on YouTube’s mobile site by advertisers like Sony (for the DVD release of “District 9”) and Kia, both of whom were able to easily reach their target audience, no matter where they were looking for video.