Orange raises the bar with tariff packs

Integrated Telecommunications solutions provider Telkom Kenya has moved to further raise the heat on the Kenyan mobile tariffs scene with the launch of three flexible tariff packages on its Orange Mobile .

The three monthly prepaid tariff packages now branded as Bunda za Orange is geared at enhancing the Orange Niaje Tariff value by providing a range of benefits tailor made for specific consumers.
On Bunda 1000, consumers will enjoy 100mins of talk time value across all local networks, 100 SMS’ and 100 MB of data all for Kshs 1,000 subscription this option is ideal for heavy voice and data service consumers.

On Bunda 500, consumers will enjoy 30mins talk time to any local network, 300 SMS’, and 30MB of data all for Kshs 500 subscription fee making it an ideal package for heavy SMS users.

On the Bunda 100 package, Orange subscribers will enjoy an opportunity to choose five friends or family members to call for just Kshs 1 per minute all for Kshs 100 per month subscription.

In line with international best practice in mobile tariff structure design, Orange now makes history as the first telecommunication service provider in Kenya to unveil value added tariff packs on an existing tariff plan.

Speaking when he confirmed the milestone, Telkom Kenya Chief Executive officer Mr Mickael Ghossein said the new Bunda za Orange subscription packages each valid for 30 days have been designed to meet the needs of the local mobile services consumer who are constantly looking out for maximum value across the range of services.

“At Orange, we are very clear that the Kenyan mobile services consumer is very discerning and is looking for extended value from each shilling loaded and the launch of Bunda za Orange is a direct response to this reality,” Ghossein said.

And added:” With Bunda za Orange, our consumers will enjoy additional value added services on the Niaje Tariff plan effectively allowing them to have more for less.”

To enjoy Bunda za Orange, Orange Mobile subscribers will only need to recharge their accounts using any regular Orange Mobile Scratch and subscribe easily to Bunda 1000, Bunda 500 or Bunda 100 options.

The subscription amount will be automatically deducted from an Orange mobile subscribers main account allowing the subscriber to access the allocated minutes, SMS’ and data for the period.

A subscriber will also be allowed to buy more than one Bunda in a month as the package will remain flexible.

Written by Robert

Robert Alai is a respected Kenyan blogger, technical evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle or Facebook page. he is the founder of KahawaTungu.

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