Obama’s election as the first African-Amrican (or is it black American. Whoopi Goldberg refuses the African-American title saying she is fully American) has now inspired a new wave. It happened in Ukraine, Israel (yes thats one of the places Obama has least support) and now in Kenya.

Newyouthful politicians who would like to have a shot at the race to Presidency have now started copying Obama’s talking, tech savvyness and even Obama’s own campaign colours and websites.

In Kenya that new candidate who lacks creativity, ooh he is creative in copying Obama, is one Prof. George L. Wajackoyah who is a Kenyan based in UK. He now has a clone of Obama’s website and even uses Facebook and twitter alot with the hope of getting the young to follow him.

The problem is that in Kenya, its still very hard to please people with just cool colours and inspiring messages. You have to be from the right ethnic group and if you dont then you have to do your ethnic arithmetic to get the numbers.

Lets wait and see. What do you think. Ooh and his rallying call is “Badilisha” which is just swahili for “Change.