According to Wall-street Journal, Twitter is expected to launch an Adwords like advertising service which will target searches in Twitter. The ads are also said to going to be 140 character long and will also be deployed in API based applications like Twitterfeed, Refollow and Seesmic. The revenue generated from such partnership will be shared between the application owners and Twitter.

The post say that Twitter plan to try to work with the agencies in the arrangement but will most likely go “solo” like Google Adwords. The ads service will most likely be availeable by June.

Analyst see the Twitter approach of targeting only searches as good as it will now annoy a very cagey user base. What is not clear is how the advertisers will pay for the ads and whether if it will be CPC like Google Adwords, Chitika, Adbrite and Tribal Fusion or another method. Also, its unclear how Twitter plans to make the searches more relevant and refined. The Twitter engine is not well refined and that might not deliver well with targeted adverts.

After raising the $100 Million from investors like T. Rowe, Spark Capital, Institutional Venture Partners and others, this is the most promising business model by the messaging website