You know that is now very common that without a good friend in the right places in entertainment industry in Africa, its very very hard to break into the market. Artists struggle walking from one radio station to another just to try to deliver their work without much success.

But the internet is offering them a lifeline with many now releasing their singles, videos and albums through social networks like facebook, youtube, twitter and other.

But there is new hope for such artists since the launch of Africa Unsigned website which features artists from Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Senegal. The website says “Africa Unsigned is a joint initiative by producers, artists, music promoters and managers who believe in the future of African music. Currently there are approximately 30 of us scattered across the globe. We have a presence in Europe, in South Africa, West Africa and in East Africa”.

The artists speak speak English, Wolof, Dutch, French, German, Shona, Swedish and Swahili.

Other such initiatives locally and internationally include, MtaaFM and MtaaTV.