Orange on Friday released a new unlimited bundle for their CDMA based internet broadband connection. The connection which is apparently faster than the much touted Safaricom broadband connection is now being charged at Ksh 990 for unlimited download and uploads.

The only downside to the offer is that Orange waiting until Safaricom had to offer one and it is just a reactionary move which is not going to gain Orange any more foothold in the market. If Orange was so much in need in pinning down Safaricom, it should have introduced the offer earlier than Safaricom. DO they know anything about pre-emptive moves?

The offer is also expiring 3 days earlier than Safaricom’s Unlimited offer. Thats still a plus for Safaricom. Talking to a senior data manager at Zain, its considering the moves and watching them with interest. I dont know why Orange is fighting Safaricom in regards to 3G licensing fee. Orange has CDMA license to cover the country. I should deploy the CDMA based broadband connection instead of engaging MJ in brick batts.

What do you think of the new offer from Orange?